Exploring Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is my latest adventure. At this point, after doing a basic blog tutorial to demonstrate CRUD, it seems like a solid framework. It preempts developer error by not allowing much freedom in how you go about things.

The error messages are full of information and allow a full stack trace or segmented. There are lots of command line shortcuts for instantiating MVCs for any component.

What really impresses me the most is how they’ve abstracted the database layer. It seems completely agnostic in terms of data storage. If you want sqlite3 (default) then leave it alone, MySQL setup involved changing one line in the Gemfile (config) and replacing the database.yml with the credentials for MySQL.

I’ve heard recently that the buzz for RoR is starting to fade but I feel that it is a great thing to have in my toolkit. The speed of development, once you get your head around the MVC, is blazingly fast.

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